Hello Woorld!

It’s time to let the cat out of the bag! Today we are pleased to announce that we have been working on an experimental game that splashes in the waters of Augmented Reality!  Several of our Funomenauts (including Brandi, Ryan, Vu and Keita) have joined forces with Google's  Project Tango team to create a silly, simple and wonderful Woorld. 

Poised at the beginning of a new creative movement that mixes digital and physical play, Woorld is a whimsical, exploratory application. By peeking through the window of a supported handheld device, you can explore, discover, and create using digital objects and creatures that you place in physical space. Even better, you can collaborate on that experience with friends and family as they peer into your Woorld through a shared screen.

Designed to be accessible, open-ended and full of surprises, Woorld is just the beginning of the magical things we hope to do with AR and VR technologies. The game is set to be released later this year, but we’re very excited to say that later this week at Google I/O, developers from all over the globe will be able to create their own Woorld, meet delightfully curious characters, and decorate with silly objects.

Going to I/O? You can come see us talk about developing for VR & AR  - then go play Woorld at the Project Tango “Sandbox” area to see just how fun it can be for yourself!