• IGN -  I suppose the elevator pitch would be: “Save the world by finding friends, holding hands, and making random objects dance and/or explode,” but I can’t imagine that makes much sense out of context. Suffice it to say, any cynicism that touches this game will immediately recoil in screeching terror as it melts into a bubbling black pool. It’s just that delightful.
  • LA Times - 10 Games To Watch - "Wattam" is charmingly silly, a game designed to showcase the sheer joy of play and imagination.
  • Guardian UK - 13 Favorite Games of E3 This collaboration between Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi and Funomena, the new studio from Journey producer Robin Hunicke was everything we hoped for and more."
  • Venture Beat – Dean Takahashi Best Games of E3 - Never have we seen such a goofy premise for a video game. I’m not surprised it’s fun.
  • GamesRadar - Best of E3 - It's colorful, silly, and joyous. It's a celebration of everything that links us together; of our common bonds and togetherness
  • Polygon - It's a laugh-out-loud game, stuffed with silly characters of Takahashi's design, adorable little animations and charming musical cues. Everything about Wattam feels good.
  • Kotaku - Wattam—the next trippy-cute thing from the man who created Katamari Damacy—has explosions that make people happy by making things.
  • KillScreen -  Through a combination of wacky rules and rewarding experimentation, Funomena appears to be a digital play space that encourages a mentality summed by up a question: "why the hell not?"
  • Hardcore Gamer  - It’s in actually exploring the wonderfully weird world of Wattam that you can truly understand how special it is.
  • PushSquare - …even though we're not entirely sure what's going on, we want it right now.

Craziest interview questions? Definitely the Onion AV Club

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