VR Fairytale Luna: Moondust Garden to Launch on Magic Leap this Fall


We are thrilled to continue pushing the boundaries of virtual and augmented storytelling with Luna: Moondust Garden, which we are bringing to the Magic Leap One Creator Edition Lightwear headset this fall. A playful extension of the award-winning, IGF-finalist VR fairytale Luna, this experience brings a new story from Bird and Owl’s charming forest directly into your living room through the wonders of Magic Leap technology.

In Moondust Garden, players explore the storybook world of Luna from a new, intimate perspective by bringing its animals & forest right into their own reality. By planting and tending a variety of plants, flowers, trees and islands within their physical space, players can create a lovely garden where Fox can come out to play.

  • Plant and interact with a musical landscape directly into your own physical playspace

  • Discover & collect the moondust that’s hidden throughout the forest

  • Sprinkle moondust on the plants and flowers to help them grow and transform

  • Build a beautiful garden so that the sad Fox will cheer up, come out and play!

Also, Robin Hunicke, co-founder and CEO of Funomena and designer of Luna, will be at Magic Leap’s L.E.A.P. conference on October 10 to talk more about Luna: Moondust Garden and discuss the design and development process that the team applied in building an experience with Magic Leap’s spatial computing in mind. During the session, she will touch on the creative inspiration, design, and best practices for developing experiences for emerging platforms such as Augmented and Mixed Reality.

Keita Takahashi Continues To Doodle at PAX


In case you couldn't make it to PAX East, you now have the chance to get something signed by Keita Takahashi, the creator of Wattam, Noby Noby Boy, and Katamari Damacy!

Bring anything and everything (that's family friendly) and Keita will gladly sign it.

Here's an iPhone case that Keita signed back in April:

Annapurna Keita Takahashi Signed iPhone Case.jpg

You can see more things that Keita signed by clicking over to our blog post about the signing in April.

Help Bird Find Its Way Home on PS4 and PSVR

Luna Funomena PlayStation VR

That's right! Luna is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR. We've been working on this for a while, and we're glad to finally be able to share this out with everyone.

This opens up Luna to an new group of virtual reality fans (3 million PSVR kits sold! wooh!), as well as the millions of non-VR PlayStation gamers, so please tell your PS4 and PSVR-owning friends about our interactive fairy tale.

I'm also excited to say that Luna has been optimized for PS4 Pro and supports 4K! We hope you'll enjoy the extra effort we put in to make that possible.

This has been quite a year for Luna, winning four awards and being shown at game shows on a few continents (and island nations). We look forward to the energy the PlayStation community will bring to Luna.

If you'll be at PAX West this weekend, you can head to the PlayStation booth to play Luna on the PS4 (non-VR).

Showcasing at the SAAM Arcade in Washington, D.C.

We were very honored to have Luna at the Smithsonian American Art Museum's gaming event, called the SAAM Arcade.

Luna was one of fourteen indie games at the event, and it was inspiring to see so many young people engaging with indie games and this year's themes:

  • Games that make interesting use of space, board, or level design.
  • Games that transform the real-world spaces in which they are played.
  • Games that are inspired by or that inspire a strong community or social space.

It was such a beautiful venue and Robin and Allena loved seeing the huge range of classic and modern games. It was truly a striking sight to see.

Allena Hail Luna Booth Smithsonian American Art Museum 2.jpg

Robin and Allena had a fantastic time showing Luna at SAAM Arcade, and hope to have another game there in the future.

Luna Wins Best VR Game at BIG Fest

We're so honored that Luna won Best VR Game at Brazil's Independent Games Festival!

It's always exciting to see what people across the world think of our little VR fairy tale, and the response in Brazil was great. We were glad that so many people were able to try out Luna for the first time and we hope they all had wonderful experiences with the game.

Eddy was in São Paulo to attend the festival and take part in the awards ceremony. Here he is pictured at the Luna booth with the shiny, new award:

 Here Eddy is with the Best VR Game award from BIG Fest

Here Eddy is with the Best VR Game award from BIG Fest

 Brazil's Independent Game Festival

Brazil's Independent Game Festival