Luna Wins Best VR Game at BIG Fest

We're so honored that Luna won Best VR Game at Brazil's Independent Games Festival!

It's always exciting to see what people across the world think of our little VR fairy tale, and the response in Brazil was great. We were glad that so many people were able to try out Luna for the first time and we hope they all had wonderful experiences with the game.

Eddy was in São Paulo to attend the festival and take part in the awards ceremony. Here he is pictured at the Luna booth with the shiny, new award:

 Here Eddy is with the Best VR Game award from BIG Fest

Here Eddy is with the Best VR Game award from BIG Fest

 Brazil's Independent Game Festival

Brazil's Independent Game Festival

Taipei Game Show - Luna Wins Best VR

I got the chance to show Luna at Taipei Game Show. Acer lent us a setup so we could show off Luna with their Windows Mixed Reality headset. Twitch also gave me the chance to demo the game in their main stream of the show.

On to the main story, which is that Luna won Best VR Game at the Indie Game Awards!


There were quite a few VR games that entered, and that were on display at the show, so it was quite surprising to see Luna win Best VR Game. (That's me on the far right.)

Luna Out Now in PC and VR

After five years in development, we're letting Luna into the hearts and homes of people across the world. We've received so much support from Intel, Oculus, HTC, and Microsoft, and especially from all those who've shared your love for the game after just seeing it online or playing it at events like Day of the Devs or PAX.

Luna was released in VR on October 17th, and today in PC. If you already bought the VR version, you will get the PC version by updating the game.

In addition to the PC update, we also updated Luna to include:
- Hidden secrets and surprises to be uncovered in each level
- New, more engaging puzzle mechanics
- General art and performance improvements

We're also pleased to announce that Austin Wintory's beautiful score is now available right here on Bandcamp:

You can download Luna at each of these stores:

If you bought the game, we'd greatly appreciate it if you'd leave a review.