Woorld arrives this September!

As we revealed last month, Funomena has been working on a new project called Woorld - as part of a collaboration with Google to explore the future of Alternative Reality applications. 

At Google I/O, we first shared the app by demonstrating a bit of the Sandbox Mode, where you play freely with many of the game's whimsical toys and characters. Now we’re ready to share a bit about the Story Mode, which is a more guided experience. 

When you begin the game, you are introduced to a tiny Adventurer, who helps you explore your own home, discovering how to place and develop a series of fun objects on household surfaces like tables, floors, walls and even ceilings!

As you play the game, you learn how to place items, how to grow or evolve them, and in some cases, unlock special abilities that help you change the way they appear or behave! 

In addition to figuring out how these tiny Woorld objects interact with each other, you are also trying to figure out how to help the Adventurer (who is curious, a bit hungry and also a tiny bit lost) find snacks, friends... and eventually get back to its own home!

We're thrilled to announce that the first Tango-enabled consumer device was announced this morning at Lenovo Tech World. The PHAB2 Pro phone - and Woorld alongside it - will arrive this September. We are very excited to share it with you, and look forward to seeing all the creative, playful and adventurous things you discover with it!