Funomenal GDC

We had a lovely time at this year's GDC - which was as always a highlight of the year for many of us here at the studio.

To start the week on an uplifting and community-building note, Robin & Lauren were both able to participate in the New Voices workshop - a mentorship day for underrepresented minorities within our industry.

The event included mentors from all over the industry, was supported by Facebook/Oculus, GDC, Intel and many other great partners - and was co-organized by our fantastic VR & AR Director Brandi House, who joined Funomena from Oculus just before the conference.

Robin also worked with several awesome developers (including the ever-talented Kim Swift and Zack McClendon who is now at Double Fine as the Lead Designer on Psychonauts 2) to host the Game Design Workshop - a hands-on, two-day game design tutorial session which she has now been teaching in for 15 years!!

On Tuesday evening of the week, the Luna team showed off sneekrit video and beautiful concept art at The Mix - handing out cupcakes and champagne as it was also Robin's birthday. Akira's game was on display - as was the lovely and loud Thumper - now coming to Morpheus!!

Robin hosted the Game Developer's Choice Awards - in a very sparkly dress & matching sparkly bow-tie. The show was an amazing experience - made even better by the fact that the Girls Make Games project was recognized by Microsoft. We were thrilled to see Laila and her girls getting an award!

The Funomenauts as a group hosted our very first Open House, having folks come by to play Luna and another nifty project (to be announced later this summer) that we've been working on alongside Wattam. Though we invited about 30 people, we ended up with a packed house (good news about tasty snacks and experimental prototypes travels fast, it seems). 

And last but not least - several of us volunteered time and testing to the Experimental Gameplay Workshop which included debut demonstrations from Mahdi Bahrami, Jason Roher and David O'Reilly!

As always, we left the week feeling blessed, exhausted and just a little bit hung over. Thanks to everyone who came to see us, played the games, and gave us encouragement and support as we continue to explore the boundaries of what games can be!