Wattam is a delightfully, explosive, exploratory game from the creator of Katamari Damacy - Keita Takahashi. You can listen to Keita and Robin as they talk a bit about Wattam,  along with the mysterious announcement teaser we created to introduce the title's main character: The Mayor. The dramatic continuation of the Mayor's story is here in this E3 teaser trailer  from last year:

What kind of game is Wattam? Here are a few things people have said about it:

Polygon: There's a lot of that in Wattam: holding hands, hugs, being friends with an eclectic group of things. It's special and lovable, the kind of thing you can play with kids or grandparents, anyone who might want to see what a game is capable of when designed with pure joy as your starting point.

Onion AV Club:  Like the best family-friendly works, it’s capable of both unbridled joy and valuable introspection and moves swiftly between the two.

Killscreen:  Through a combination of wacky rules and rewarding experimentation, Funomena appears to be a digital play space that encourages a mentality summed by up a question: "why the hell not?".

Guardian UK:  It’s just gorgeously silly and fun and involving.

Even more interesting, we have heard from the Noby Girl about this game - which she is apparently quite tired of waiting for, now that she has returned to earth!

We are hard at work trying to please Girl - in the meantime, you can check out Woorld - which will be here this fall :D