Luna is a uniquely tactile VR puzzle game, where players are encouraged to observe, listen, customize and interact with a beautiful storybook world.

The game begins when a young Bird is lured from its nest by a mysterious Owl, whose hypnotic song convinces the Bird to swallow the last piece of the waning moon. Blown far from its nest by the ensuing storm, Bird wakes up in a scrambled, unfamiliar and lonely place

To help the Bird find its way home, players must first look to the stars. Here, they help untangle the mixed-up constellations of Bird’s memories, which appear as tangled webs of stardust floating in the night sky.

With each new puzzle, they help the Bird discover a new totem from the past: memories of the flora and fauna Bird has visited with during its travels. Players then plant these powerful totems to help re-imagine the Bird’s world and rebuild the path it must take to get back home.  


Each totem has special properties that add sound, music and other elements of life back to the lost environment. By creating something new from the splintered pieces of the past, players help heal Bird’s memory, connect Bird with other animals in the forest, and reveal the fable at the heart of the game’s narrative.

Luna is designed to be a uniquely tactile experience - combining aspects of gestural motion, imaginative play, creative exploration and musical improvisation. We’ve worked especially hard to make the experience accessible to people who have never used a VR headset & controllers, and to people from all ages and walks of life - so that regardless of their prior experience, players can place, customize and interact with a miniature, musical forest while uncovering Austin Wintory’s enchanting interactive score.

Listed as an example of the "deep games" movement, Luna is part of our mission to make games that reach new people, and bring them new experiences. We believe that games can appeal to an expanding, maturing group of players - and are excited to be sharing this game with players for the first time ever at PAX 2016!