Funomena @PAX 2017

Hello everyone! It's a fantastic week for Funomena at PAX West - we're super excited to have released not ONE but TWO new teaser trailers!

Luna has a new teaser celebrating our partnership with Microsoft & a variety of key partners for the new Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Full announcements are to be made Friday at IFA in Berlin! We showed the game at Microsoft's Pre-PAX event, and will be meeting with select press to demonstrate the new headset behind closed doors while at the show.

Wattam has a new teaser celebrating our partnership to release Wattam for PC and Console with Annapurna Interactive. We will be on the floor in their booth (Keita even designed some cute Wattam-themed seating!) this whole weekend so please come out and say hi!

As different as both of these games are, both of them reflect our geniune interest as a studio in pushing the boundaries of what games can be. We're so thrilled to have such amazing, talented folks working with us on both of these projects and can't wait to meet you here at PAX and throughout the new year as we share both titles with you.