Best Interview Questions of E3

Drumroooollll please!! The Funomena Award for Best Interview Questions of E32015 goes to... the Onion AV club! Such a fun set of questions - really made my day! My favorite of them all?

AVC: Last one. If your game were the main course of the meal, what would be the appetizer and what would be the dessert?

RH: [Laughs.] That’s so fun. Okay, if our game were the main course, the appetizer—in terms of food? I would say the appetizer would be a really subtle miso soup to prepare you for the flavor extravaganza of the main course. And then on the other side of it, the dessert would be a cleansing sherbet that left almost no taste in your mouth, so you could think back to the main courses and just enjoy those sensations.

Way to ask these questions in the last hour of E3, Matt/Onion readers! We are (almost) already looking forward to next year...