Thanks, 2015 - Hello, 2016!

As we wind down for the holidays here at Funomena, we wanted to take a moment to reach out and say thank you to everyone who has joined us on this adventure, and helped make 2015 one of the most valuable years in our history.

Game development is often a lot harder than it looks. Challenging the status quo, making new things, and taking risks is... risky! And at times, a very uncertain practice. This year taught us a lot about working together, weathering challenges, and maintaining optimism in the face of uncertainty. For this, we are all very very grateful.

          Delicious Balloon Letters floating above our PSX booth.

          Delicious Balloon Letters floating above our PSX booth.

Highlights? There are almost too many to mention. Showing Wattam to the public for the first time at E3, and following it up with delightful experiences at PAX, Day of the Devs and PSX were all wonderful (if exhausting) experiences that we will treasure. Seeing our guestbook fill with signatures, reading so much fantastic press, watching our silly t-shirts travel to warm hearts in Europe, Japan and beyond... and just knowing that fans are out there waiting to play (including Noby Noby Girl!) ... it has all been very rewarding.

          Playing and goofing in the lovely Media Molecule masterpiece Dreams at PSX!!

          Playing and goofing in the lovely Media Molecule masterpiece Dreams at PSX!!

We've also enjoyed sneak peeking our first ever little development video of Luna's beautiful, sculptural world that looks like a children's book come to life. Seeing this vision in VR is also so exciting and transformative that we're still a little in awe. From concept to creation to embracing new technology... it's been a fantastic experience, making these two very different, but similarly "different" games, seeing friends, family and fans enjoy our work in progress.

In 2016 we look forward to working with even more lovely people, bringing on engineering, art and animation hires as we continue to build (slowly but surely) and build this little dream of ours. But even as we grow and change, we will remain a caring, connected group of people who want to see more beautiful, charming, delightful games in this world. 

Today, we received a beautiful holiday card from The Young Horses... and it reminded us that it was now time for us to reach out and share with all of you as well.

We believe that the simple act of saying thank you makes a huge difference... and are so glad to be part of a community of creators & players who share this view. Whether you sent us a care package, tweeted one of our silly gifs, bought a t-shirt, liked us on Facebook or just felt happy after seeing something we put out there - thank you. Life is about giving, sharing and multiplying joy. The joy you send our way and experience because of our work makes that work more rewarding. 

In closing - please enjoy this beautiful concept art from Luna, by Glenn Hernandez. We look forward to sharing more with you in the new year. May your 2015 come to a close with cherished friends & family... and your 2016 begin in just the same way. 


The Funomenauts!