People say the nicest things...

Hot on the heels of our second ever public showing of Wattam at PAX Prime 2015 in Seattle, Marty Silva has posted some lovely thoughts about our strange, friendly, exploratory little game. 


Sometimes I get worried about the future of video games. When I walk through the halls of a place like E3 or PAX, I tend to get bombarded with spectacle. Blaring music, flashing lights, and gigantic statues flood the senses. Everywhere I turn, people are trying to hand me flyers, post cards, and lanyards. Explosions, murder, sequels, and remakes fill the air.

Don’t get me wrong – there are a lot of sequels and remakes filled with explosions and murder that I’m absolutely stoked to play, and I have no doubt that they are going to devour my free-time throughout the rest of 2015. But like I said, sometimes I get worried about the future. Sometimes I ask myself, “Is this it?”

I think that very question is why I appreciated my brief time with Wattam so damn much.

It's great to read about how Marty experienced Wattam at PAX, and also to see him talking about the game, noting how hard we have been working to increase the ways in which it can create fun, social, shared moments between same-couch players. It was also just nice to know that people notice how different Wattam is, and see it as a good thing.

Sometimes we worry that Wattam is just too joyfully weird for this world... but maybe that's silly. Maybe Wattam is gonna be just fine!