Luna Prototype Talk at SIGGRAPH

Earlier this month, I took a trip down to LA to give a talk about LUNA at SIGGRAPH. The talk was part of a panel of Studio Talks focused on creating Immersive Environments called "Building Fantastic Worlds".

On the panel with me were Orsey Spanyol (artist talking about the influence of narrative history and architecture on the island design of Thekla's The Witness), Daniel Fountain & Luke Wittaker from State of Play (talking about the fantastic lighting and compositing they did on their beautiful, hand-crafted game Lumino City) as well as Paolo Suricchio talking about graphics programming he did to add environmental ambiance to Campo Santo's Firewatch.  


In my talk, I discussed the importance of Feel Engineering to the process of building out a contemplative, peaceful experience in the gamplay of Luna. In specific, I touched on how many of the core influences of our game come from fine art, sculpture and stop animation as well as classic cartoon illustrators like Mary Blair. My goal with the talk was to discuss the core artistic and emotional inspirations behind Luna and demostrate how they connect with every aspect of its visuals and sound design.

Luna is a narrative game, so we are not showing a lot of gameplay footage just yet, but I did show a tiny bit of prototype video related to the sound and interaction design process. Was really nice to be able to talk about Feel Engineering in this context, with people who spend most of their time thinking about how games can push the boundaries of our imagination.