Funomena @PSX 2014

As you may know, this year marks the 20th anniversary of the PlayStation platform. And this past week Keita, Eileen and I ventured to Vegas for a celebration of that fact: the PlayStation Experience!

While we were there, we announced our new game Wattam. Keita and I spoke for an hour about creativity and surprise, our values and backgrounds, and how we ended up collaborating on Wattam. And because the lovely event staff recorded this presentation, you can now watch it here:


I also participated in a panel on Sunday with folks from FunBits, Giant Sparrow and Media Molecule - talking about prototyping and how games get made. This panel was really interesting because we got to talk about the initial ideas, prototypes, "ah-ha moments" and finaling process for one of our games. I discussed Journey, and showed concept art and screenshots that span almost 3 years of development. And through the magic of the internet - you can see that presentation here: