Made with Code

I am happy to officially announce my participation in Google's awesome new Made with Code initiative, aimed at inspiring girls to make cool new things with code. The inaugural event, hosted today here in NYC, will feature the mentors and makers selected for the program. I am honored and thrilled to be in such fantastic company!

Coding is something that runs through every part of a game - no matter how you slice it. We use programs to build the art, craft the music, and to sculpt the interactions and responses of the game itself. And even if you don't end up coding for a living - knowledge of how code works, why it works, and what it can do is so helpful when it comes to realizing your vision. The Funomena team includes people who code, people who work with complex programs, and even people who design new tools to help make what we do easier each day. I am so proud to represent the lovely and talented people here at the studio, and show more young girls just how fun it can be creating things with code.

Look for updates and pics on our Facebook and twitter feeds. And in the meantime - you can read about the initiative here on Engaget and USA Today!