Home Base

It probably won't come as a surprise to hear that the rental market in SF is pretty tight. Nor that for affordable, workable, startup-sized spaces, it's *even tighter*. However, we got super lucky, and found a great place in SOMA, close to the Caltrain, BART and Muni lines, with plenty of space for us to grow. And - have friends visit! IMG_0460

It's mostly open-plan, with giant windows that line the right wall. They face the sunrise, which means on sunny days the light streams in to fill the office - quite lovely. IMG_0166

Across from the windows is a giant bookshelf that we've used to start the Funomena library! Lots of books about art and programming, along with books on AI, fashion, throwing great parties and talking about difficult subjects. Yay, books! IMG_0186

And, trinkets: origami, rocks, random toys, figures and even a Parappa Printing Toaster!


The most amazing housewarming gift was the pool table - which needed a new home after spending time with the lovely folks over at Three Rings! A pool table in its unassembled state is pretty neat. Also - heavy!! Took two guys to put it together and they looked pretty strong...

IMG_0219 IMG_0223

We've been in the space for about 2 months - and it's finally taking shape. It's wonderful to have someplace to call "home" - especially after working as a distributed team for so long. It means we get to talk to each other without having to type or skype... which feels like such a luxury! Especially as the holidays approach, it's lovely to have a place to come back to after vacation.


Here's to a great new space, an amazing holiday, and a wonderful new year!