Busy Summer

Team Meeting So as we announced at E3, Funomena is collaborating on a new commercial game project with Keita Takahashi! We haven't been saying much since we made this initial announcement at Horizon, but we have all been very very busy. Proof? Well - here we are having a very serious meeting about the upcoming project!

Meanwhile, Funomena has been working to secure visas for Keita and his family. That involves lots of paperwork, kind letters about his abilities from wonderful people in our industry, and some cold hard cash.

Visa We're very happy to say that finally, all the paperwork is done and the visas have come through. Keita will be moving to San Francisco to join Funomena full time in September!

We cannot be more excited about this - especially since it means we'll soon be able to build a huge moving-box fort with Keita in person. Working together online has been fantastic, but being in the same city will make it even more fun.

While details about the game are still under wraps we wanted to let you know that we're hard at work and very much looking forward to sharing it with you when the time is right. In the meantime, we hope this lovely skybox texture will brighten your day!

sky and clouds