Women in Games at GDC 2013

Yet another session we participated in at GDC 2013 has been posted online. This one focused on the experience of Women in Games, in light of the #1ReasonWhy and #1ReasonToBe twitter hashtags that emerged earlier in the year. You can watch it for free and hear from many talented, inspiring women - including Brenda Romero and Mattie Brice. <3 Encouragingly, the panel got a lot of coverage, including this mention in the New York Times! And as part of the press that followed, we also saw Funomena mentioned in this Venture Beat post, and Forbes's article on the top female entrepreneurs to watch in Games!


Over the years, I've spoken about diversity issues at a number of conferences and gatherings - including this Indie Game Developer Summit rant from 2011. It covers the science behind Signaling Threat and why independent developers should create cultures that support diversity of thought and participation.

Because diversity isn't just about hiring people who don't look or talk like you. It is also about creating a safe place for critique, dialog and problem solving. As I said in my talk, this panel was a good first step in that direction for game developers at GDC - and Funomena is excited to be a part of that discussion as our industry evolves, and develops a truly global community.