! LA Game Space !

Woohoo! LA Game Space has been funded on Kickstarter!!

When Adam and Daniel first reached out about joining the board for LA Game Space, I was still living in LA, working hard on Journey. The idea of a local space, where game creators and artists could meet and brainstorm about the future of game culture, make projects together and host talks and exhibits was... really really appealing!

Then, I moved up to SF, Martin took a trip around the world and decided to move here too. But even though we were living far away from this amazing idea's proposed location - we still <3d it.

At IndieCade this past fall, I met with Adam and Daniel and discussed the project, trying to help fill out the rewards and lend my support wherever possible. I was super excited to help promote it when the KS went live in November, and even while I was overseas in Shanghai, I kept refreshing the page, talking to people about it and hoping it would get funded.

Support counts climbed and climbed - and then bam, the space was funded! Of course, I know that it was not magical pixie dust or tiny shoe elves that made this possible. Adam & Daniel + all the people who donated time, expertise, games and designs to the campaign are to be seriously, heartily applauded.

Making a Kickstarter campaign successful takes a lot of work, and keeping things moving along from that point is even more work. There is so much to do now, and so many awesome things in store. So if you aren't yet a backer, and share my belief that spaces like this promote and broaden community participation in our art form, consider supporting it. You can still pick up the rewards by donating at the official LA Game Space site.