An Amazing Journey

This past weekend, Martin and I went down to LA to attend the Spike TV VGA's - where Journey was nominated for a total of 7 awards  including Game of the Year. The Journey team took home 3 awards: Best Independent Game, Best PS3 Game, and Best Score! John Nesky and I accepted the award for Best Independent live on stage, which our pal Caryl snapped for posterity - thanks!

The show itself was pretty surreal, and included appearances from world-famous actors, some beautifully rendered announcement trailers and several bombastic stage performances. In fact, we're still reeling a bit from the Tenacious explosion of confetti there at the end. And, from some very generous comments in the post-award press, including this quote from the LA Times:

There are no standard-issue explosions in “Journey.” The game, which received a Grammy nomination this week for its score by composer Austin Wintory, allows players to move through a desert landscape and communicate via song. There’s no competition, per say, just exploration and flight. If “The Walking Dead” is an interactive graphic novel, “Journey” is an interactive tone poem.

“We made ‘Journey’ for you, to show you that games can be something different — independent, experimental, moving, emotional, modern, inclusive, different,” said producer Robin Hunicke when accepting the award.

If “Journey” was something of an anomaly at the VGAs, so was Hunicke. She was the one woman given prominent stage and screen time who wasn’t a) a Hollywood celebrity (Jessica Alba), b) in need of rescue (“Bioshock Infinite’s” Elizabeth) c) wearing a tank-top (“Tomb Raider’s” Lara Croft) or d) naked (“Halo’s” Cortana).

This quote ended up in a lot of my feeds - and I thought it was a pretty interesting in light of the #1ReasonWhy and #1ReasonToBe threads and discussions. What to say?

This: I'm proud to stand out, even as I wish that my presence at events like this was... unremarkable. Until then, I hope my continued participation reminds people that women *do* make games, that games are an *evolving* art form, and that we are *only just beginning* to imagine the best games of our lives.

And: Thank you! :D