Today is a slow day here at Funomena - as Martin and I spent the morning strolling the streets of San Francisco with about a million other happy Giants fans! The city had 2 days to plan the ticker-tape parade (apparently they had 3 tons of confetti). Players rode down the street in fancy cars, commentators talked about the season... but the part we enjoyed most was the incredible diversity within the crowd.

It doesn't hurt that today is also Halloween - so lots of people were in the mood for orange and black, costumes and generally goofing off. But it was nice to be surrounded by fans from all walks of life: parents, kids, teens, college students, life-long and casual fans standing side-by-side to celebrate the team and the city we live in.

Our hearts were a bit heavy today as we have good friends and colleagues in NYC, who are dealing with a variety of unpleasant situations. But at the same time, we felt that maybe our happy smiles and cheers could somehow warm their hearts despite it all.  Here's the full image gallery - which is chock full of good vibes.

Have  a safe, happy holiday no matter where you are or who you root for!