Hullo, wrld!

Hullo! We would like to announce that Funomena... is! As some of you may recall, Martin and I were formerly colleagues at thatgamecompany, where we worked together for the last 3 years on a PSN Downloadable game called Journey. After Journey was done, many of us decided to pursue new adventures.

I went on a press tour to promote the game, then packed and moved to San Francisco to start a new job working at Tiny Speck. Meanwhile, Martin shed most of his belongings and took a nice long trip, spending time in South Korea, Vietnam, Berlin, the Alps and the South of France... sometimes hanging out with our lovely friend Richard.

The summer was a time of reflection for both of us. We found ourselves thinking a lot about what life, work and creativity really meant to us. When Martin returned from his travels, he came to visit me. We talked about our values, our dreams, and that nagging feeling that life is just too short to wait for the perfect opportunity. Really - isn't it about creating the opportunity for yourself?

So that's what we decided to do. I left my job, he moved to SF - and here we are!

Funomena is the beginning, we hope, of something genuine. A chance for us to bootstrap, and make games that contribute to the common good. Not simply because they are accessible, beautiful, tactile, and engaging... but because the come from people who believe that good design begins with wanting others to feel joy.

Welcome to our world. It's still a bit small, and rough around the edges. But we are so happy to be here with you!