Luna VR at PAX 2016

Hello everyone! As you may have seen from some of our more recent Tweets and Facebook posts, we've been hard at work in our headsets, bringing our new game Luna to VR.

Those of you who have been following the game's progress may recall that Luna's early PC development explored the idea of a gesture-based interface via our partnership with Intel's RealSense program. We were particularly interested to see how tracking a player's hands could give them the feeling of touching Luna's storybook world, interacting with the creatures & objects they discovered, and connecting with the events that transpired within.

As we continued to investigate these ideas, we saw more and more potential for engaging players and their creativity by directly involving their hands and body. We began to wonder how the game would look in VR, and how it would feel if you could touch it with tracked controllers. And once we saw just how immersive it felt, we knew it had to be...

So we are *very* excited to announce that Luna will be playable in VR at PAX Prime in Seattle this weekend, at the Indie Megabooth (booth 859). We're also thrilled to be showcased by two of our outstanding partners - Oculus and AMD! You will be able to play Luna on all Oculus Touch stations at the PAX 2016 VR Free-Play area (4th floor, Westin - Ballroom 1), and also at AMD (booth 1613). 

Luna is a uniquely tactile VR experience, where the focus is on observing, listening and adding your own personal touch to the world. In this particular demo, you can use the tracked controllers to solve puzzles, revealing the pieces of a miniature, musical forest. You can then rebuild the world with these pieces, which slowly reveals Austin Wintory's interactive score, while brinigning the forest & its characters back to life.

In addition to this playable VR version of Luna, we'll have lovely new Luna T-shirts, signed Bird & Owl posters, some new stickers and these incredibly adorable Bird buttons...


Sound beautiful and intriguing? Want some cute swag? Excited to get something signed, shake a hand, or give us some good old fashioned encouragement? Stop by and let us know you're out there!! We're really looking forward to meeting you, listening to you play, and hearing what you think. 







WOORLD - Sneaky peek for Tango devs

The AR title we have been developing in collaboration with Google is now available on the Play store! That means that if you have a TANGO dev kit, you can download the game and give it a try. We'd love to hear your feedback about the play experience, and have set up this email address for collecting your thoughts & screenshots. Please let us know what your WOORLD looks like! 

When can non-developers get their hands on WOORLD? The game will ship on all Phab2 Pro phones - coming from Lenovo this September! 


Calling All Funomenauts...

We've had a very productive summer at Funomena so far, and as we get ready to bring Luna to the public (we will be showing it at PAX!) we are also looking for some new Funomenauts. We've added 2 positions to our jobs page, and will add another one in the next week or so.

Concept from Our VR storybook puzzle game - Luna.

Concept from Our VR storybook puzzle game - Luna.

What does it mean to be a Funomenaut? We seek people who are open to the uncertainty of making independent, different games while also believing that it can and should be done! We seek people who love the diversity and genuine creativity of our industry, while also seeking to improve our practice and elevate our art form. 

If you know someone you think would be a good fit for these positions or our team, please let us know! If you are someone who might have a skill we could benefit from, reach out! We can't guarantee that we have a spot for you now - but we are always happy to know fellow explorers, and... you never know!


Woorld arrives this September!

As we revealed last month, Funomena has been working on a new project called Woorld - as part of a collaboration with Google to explore the future of Alternative Reality applications. 

At Google I/O, we first shared the app by demonstrating a bit of the Sandbox Mode, where you play freely with many of the game's whimsical toys and characters. Now we’re ready to share a bit about the Story Mode, which is a more guided experience. 

When you begin the game, you are introduced to a tiny Adventurer, who helps you explore your own home, discovering how to place and develop a series of fun objects on household surfaces like tables, floors, walls and even ceilings!

As you play the game, you learn how to place items, how to grow or evolve them, and in some cases, unlock special abilities that help you change the way they appear or behave! 

In addition to figuring out how these tiny Woorld objects interact with each other, you are also trying to figure out how to help the Adventurer (who is curious, a bit hungry and also a tiny bit lost) find snacks, friends... and eventually get back to its own home!

We're thrilled to announce that the first Tango-enabled consumer device was announced this morning at Lenovo Tech World. The PHAB2 Pro phone - and Woorld alongside it - will arrive this September. We are very excited to share it with you, and look forward to seeing all the creative, playful and adventurous things you discover with it!


Hello Woorld!

It’s time to let the cat out of the bag! Today we are pleased to announce that we have been working on an experimental game that splashes in the waters of Augmented Reality!  Several of our Funomenauts (including Brandi, Ryan, Vu and Keita) have joined forces with Google's  Project Tango team to create a silly, simple and wonderful Woorld. 

Poised at the beginning of a new creative movement that mixes digital and physical play, Woorld is a whimsical, exploratory application. By peeking through the window of a supported handheld device, you can explore, discover, and create using digital objects and creatures that you place in physical space. Even better, you can collaborate on that experience with friends and family as they peer into your Woorld through a shared screen.

Designed to be accessible, open-ended and full of surprises, Woorld is just the beginning of the magical things we hope to do with AR and VR technologies. The game is set to be released later this year, but we’re very excited to say that later this week at Google I/O, developers from all over the globe will be able to create their own Woorld, meet delightfully curious characters, and decorate with silly objects.

Going to I/O? You can come see us talk about developing for VR & AR  - then go play Woorld at the Project Tango “Sandbox” area to see just how fun it can be for yourself!